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Lifts NSW provides a solution to what most think is a tricky situation. Those living in a double storey building need the requirement of a walker, wheelchair or other assisting devices which sometimes results in having to decide between selling, modifying or moving home. 

Lifts NSW has a reliable, affordable, and quick solution to these types of issues. Lifts NSW retrofit an Australian made residential lift into your existing premises. The advantages of an Australian made lift means you are not waiting for the lift to be imported. It is available to install in the quickest timeframe.

Not sure if your house can have a lift installed? Speak to the Lifts NSW team today. We’ll understand your needs and point you in the right direction. Trust us, you won’t know easy living until you have one of Lifts NSW products in your house. We swear by our products and so do our customers. 

Feel free to reach out to the Lifts NSW rep for your area on the contact page.