Residential Lifts NSW installs Australian designed lifts manufactured by Residential Lift. Residential Lift is 100% owned and operated by Peter and Rosemary. The Residential Lifts business began In June 2004 when the first proto-type was operating in Peter and Rosemary’s home in Lenah Valley. Shortly after, the design was certified by SEMF and accepted by Workplace Standards Tasmania. Following this, it was successfully granted a patent for its unique design which minimises the impact on the home and the footprint of the lift itself.

Since this time, Peter and Rosemary have continued setting up their first commercial business together, with Peter taking on a production manager role, Rosemary as a sales manager.  Together, they have now sold and installed over 200 lifts within Tasmania alone and over 2500 Australia wide. They’ve also now started expanding throughout Australia and New Zealand including through Residential Lifts in NSW.

During this time, the lift has proven to be a reliable and maintenance-free option to second storey living for those with mobility aids. Residential Lifts NSW is committed to high customer satisfaction and quality customer service.

Introducing Vern Cottee, our Authorised RESiLIFT® distributor since 2013, servicing Greater Sydney, NSW, Southern NSW & ACT.

As an owner-builder, former solar installer, property developer and aeronautical flight simulation engineer Vern brings the rights set of skills to the challenge of solving the issue of accessibility in your home.

Like many RESiLIFT installers, Vern and his wife Joye, a former Work Health and Safety specialist, began their journey as potential clients.

After meeting the inventor and appreciating the quality of design, Vern and Joye decided to change direction and join the company. Driven, in part, by the opportunity to be part of the solution and to have a positive impact on people who may be in situation similar to their own.

Since becoming distributors, they have overseen the installation of over 2500 RESiLIFTS, assisting countless people stay in the home and neighbourhood they love.